Monday, October 17, 2011

New Prius Popular with Terrifying Man Beast

Toyota paints a vivid picture of their multi-person demon struggling to complete basic tasks like turn on faucets and dress itself. Its a bafflingly horrible existence where some are swung clumsily into walls and sharp edges and others are outright crushed but they are compelled to work as one by some unknown dark magik.
Pressed limb to limb the individuals survive as long as they can sustaining broken bones and skin rubbed raw by your neighbors corduroy.
Should one of the people comprising the body die the beast is forced to stalk in the night and pull people out from their bedroom windows to complete its body, bending the new mind to its communal will, swallowing them in its horrible mouth to be distributed to the body part they are needed.
The creature does not need to eat but every morning disassembles and sends its pieces via Prius in search of nourishment. During their time away, many receive glimpses of their former lives and ambitions, but no matter how strong they wish to escape their minds are bent back toward rejoining the collective.